Welcome to Corazon de Corrales Small Engine Service, and thank you for
visiting my web site.  My goal is to provide honest, convenient, friendly local
service to my neighbors here in Corrales and surrounding areas. I provide all
kinds of service and repair to just about anything with a small engine, from
chain saws to tillers, go karts to garden tractors.

I would love to offer fast service as well, but there are too many factors to
consider before making any rash promises, like that for now, I'm just one guy
in a garage, and business always seems to come in waves, and since I don't
stock many parts, major repair jobs are often delayed by waiting for ordered
parts to come in.
try to keep my turnaround for most services down to a week or
two, which is a lot better than most out there.  I will even squeeze in a rush
job on the spot when i can, like a pull rope repair, or a blade sharpening,
sometimes even while you wait.

Major repair is available as well, but depends on available time and
resources.  In other words, I don't make promises I can't keep, or bite off
more than I can chew.  If you bring me the new I-pad 16 with mower app and
brush chipper widget, I will probably refer you to a specialist.  I get more
satisfaction from helping you get the most out of your old faithful machines, at
a price that doesn't make you wish you bought a new one.

I'm not too proud to raid the junk pile for a simple throttle cable or mower
wheel to keep your cost down.  I'll even search the google machine for hard
to find parts, or for better priced ones.  Of course, I will also go directly to the
manufacturer for original parts if you prefer, it's your choice.

I am also pretty handy at fixing all sorts of things, so if it's broke, don't be
afraid to ask, I may be able to help you.  In many cases I can even fabricate a
custom part for you right here on the premises, in my small yet functional
machine shop.  So if it's something I can turn, mill, weld, or grind, let's talk.  It
doesn't have to be related to lawn or garden equipment, either.  I am more
than happy to help you fabricate some doohickey that you need to fix your
tractor or modify your bicycle, or get that UFO project in your backyard off the
Email: johnz@corazondecorrales.com

Address: 1031 W. Ella Corrales, NM 87048

Call or text (505) 322-7946

Hours of operation:  Officially Monday thru Friday, 10:00 am to
6:00.  Other times by appointment.  It's a good idea to call or
text first no matter what time you come, since as I am a
one-man operation, I may be out on a parts run or delivery.
Don't forget to winterize!

Drain fuel from your equipment, or add stabilizer.  Also
add stabilizer to any gas that might be sitting in a gas
can over the winter.
It's a good idea to take batteries off your riding mowers,
and store them inside.  If the charge on a battery gets
too low, it may freeze if left out, which will destroy it.
It also helps to get a small maintenance charger (about
$10 at Harbor Freight).  Keeping a good charge on your
battery is key to get many years of service out of it.

Winter is also a good time to bring your equipment in for
service, as the shop is less busy, and your yard isn't
growing wild while you wait to get your machine back.
Corazon De Corrales
is on temporary shut down
Due to Poor health, and being sick most of the winter, I have
fallen way behind on my workload, and my yard is a mess.
Therefore, until further notice, I will not be accepting any new
work as I catch up and do some restructuring.
I will continue to do the jobs I already have here, and will be
reorganizing my business to better serve my customers, and
keep my neighbors and village happy.
I don't know at this time when I will resume normal operations,
but I am planning on switching to an appointment-only format,
so I don't end up with this many jobs backed up again.
Meanwhile, I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause,
and I hope to be back soon.   The goal is to have a better
appearance, and much shorter wait times for job turnaround.

My sincerest gratitude to all my customers who have been
and continue to be patient with me as I sort this out.