A little about me

I was born in New York in the mid 60's, but have lived mostly in this area since I was 4 years old.  I remember when Rio Rancho
was young, when Southern Blvd was a dirt road by the time you made it up to Golf Course, and when the only paved road in
Corrales was, well, Corrales Road, "The crooked old road by the river".  I went to kindergarten at what was then Sandoval
Elementary, with their mascot, the "Sandoval Sun Devils", before it became Corrales Elementary.

I grew up the type of kid that would disassemble everything I could get my hands on, just to see how it works.  Eventually, at
Cibola high school, I took classes in small engine mechanics, and auto mechanics.  Before I had my drivers license, I remember
peddling my bike to my friend's house to rebuild his older sister's carburetor.

My first actual job was at West Mesa Small Engine Repair, located in a hangar at 7-Bar Airport, which is now Cottonwood Mall.  
Those of you who were here in the 80's might still remember that.  Fun times, good music...

After a few whatever jobs, I closed out the 80's by going to driving school and becoming a truck driver.  Told myself I'd do that for
5 years or so before moving on to something else.  So I drove over the road for a few months, then drove for the Army for 4 years
in Texas, Desert Storm, and Germany, and then some more here in Albuquerque delivering food, then portland cement, and then
went into the rental industry.  Started out there servicing all manner of rental equipment used on job sites, such as forklifts, boom
lifts, bulldozers, backhoes, trenchers, and whatnot, then started delivering that equipment instead.  After over 17 years of that, I
decided it was finally time to get out of a truck.  My 5 years had turned into 25 somehow.  So I looked around my garage, and
realizing I already had more than enough tools and knowledge, why not open my own shop?  After all, I have always done my
own work, never took a car to a shop for other than tires, I love to fix, and build, and invent stuff, and I'm tired of working for
grumpy old bosses.  I can be my own grumpy old boss.

So here I am, fully permitted by the village, and open since March 2015, ready to serve my neighbors, and give some good ol'
fashioned friendly service at a fair price.
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